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Registered Trade Mark Agents

1115 11 Avenue SW

Suite 200

Calgary, Alberta

Canada T2R 0G5


Tel:  +1 403 229 1111

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We understand the importance that our clients place on the careful planning of the future of their business. Our mission is to provide support and clarity to complex operational and strategic (i.e. growth, succession planning or future sale) issues by giving independent, objective and practical advice and solutions. When strategic and commercial issues affecting key business decisions arise, we offer specific fact and legal-based advice. Such advice may include commercial due diligence, strategy assessment, market entry and exit strategy preparation and opportunity sizing, as well as product and business strategy development.



We are experienced at assisting with both simple and complex financing and commercial and estate transactions designed in the most tax effective manner. Our clients range from large syndicates and funds holding commercial property or investment companies to smaller independent businesses arranging operating and development funding. We advise on the use of corporations, limited and general partnerships, trusts and other holding vehicles and will assist in developing the most appropriate structure for your business and personal objectives, expectations and strategies.



The importance of proper estate and life planning can never be overstated. The preparation of a proper will and associated estate planning presents an opportunity for our clients to organize their affairs in a manner that provides for their loved ones as they see best. We assist with overall estate planning and the preparation of other documents such as trusts, Enduring Powers of Attorney and Personal Directives. Our experienced team of lawyers, paralegals and staff work with executors, trustees and families on the Administration of Estates, including attending to all necessary court filings and applications.



We work closely and carefully with our clients to provide comprehensive advice tailored to their specific needs and goals. We are experienced counsel in matters of asset protection as well as the orderly succession of assets to the next generation, including minimizing or deferring tax on capital gains, meeting philanthropic desires and preparing for the possibility that individuals may become unable to take care of themselves or manage their assets on their own.

Practice Areas



As our client’s corporate counsel, we focus on the legal issues impacting their businesses.  As part of their business and legal team, we assist our clients in the negotiation of contracts, mergers and acquisitions, trademarks, restructuring, employment, securities, real estate and international commercial law.  We work to ensure that our client’s business transactions are in compliance with applicable and often evolving laws and ensure that legal decisions translate to a strong business bottom line.



At Szabo & Company, we maintain an extensive network of professional advisors including accountants, bookkeepers, financial planners, insurance advisors, real estate appraisers, contractors, leasing and sales agents and other business and personal advisors. Our business and planning network is available to our clients and we always encourage a collaborative approach with other professionals, including our clients existing advisors. 


We are a firm of Canadian lawyers and Registered Trade Mark Agents focused on solving problems and implementing practical and effective business and estate solutions. We provide our clients with a uniquely personal and pro-active service and we pride ourselves on the caliber of people at our firm - lawyers, paralegals and staff alike.


We offer a comprehensive range of legal, tax planning, business advisory and trust advisory services to specific sectors that comprise a wide cross-section of businesses, individuals and organizations. Our focus is on understanding our client's affairs so as to allow us to fully grasp complex issues and assist our clients to accomplish their business and personal goals.

At Szabo & Company we understand that establishing the right tax, legal and business structures, in a timely manner and as part of overall long-term planning is often a significant factor in achieving financial, business and personal success and freedom. And while good legal and business advisors offer solutions to problems as they arise, the best advisers take an interest in your business, anticipate obstacles that might lie in the path to your success and, with an independent voice, help you develop a strategy. This is our focus.


Szabo & Company is a business oriented positive legal force.  Rather than providing reasons why our clients might be prevented from taking a particular course, we are passionate about discovering ways in which our clients can achieve their goals and aspirations in an efficient and cost effective manner while avoiding the business and legal pitfalls that may stand as an obstacle in reaching the full scope of their vision.


As legal, tax and business advisers to companies, entrepreneurs, individuals and not-for-profit organisations, we are familiar with the complex range of issues involved in building wealth, protecting it and passing it on. We work closely with many of our clients to create integrated solutions across all of their related financial and business affairs in the service we deliver.  The common thread is that through close communication with our clients and by taking the time to understand the issues that drive them, we help bring our clients closer to the outcomes they desire.


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Arthur M. Szabo, K.C.
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   1115 11 Avenue SW 

   Suite 200            

   Calgary, Alberta

   Canada T2R 0G5    


   Tel:  +1 403 229 1111

   Fax: +1 403 245 0569

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